Greetings From Maerite!


As this little site gets started, I just want to take a moment to say hi and give a little info on what’s up and coming for the world of Maerite!

My number one priority is getting my 2019 reading list progress public. This year my goal is 50 books – about one a week – and I’m already nine books into the year. While I work on getting that published, feel free to check out what I’ve already read in 2019 and what I am working through next by following me on Goodreads! My 2018 year in books is also complete so you can check that out through my profile as well! I read a lot of fiction and short stories last year so for 2019 I’m working on getting more non-fiction under my belt, as well as upping my page count for the year.

This year in addition to reading a boat-load of books, I also want to take some time after reading them to reflect on any themes I find interesting, any thoughts that come to mind, and of course my opinions on the topics and themes I come across. Taking this time is a new goal for me that I decided to work towards as I explore the worlds of stoicism and mindfulness. Reading a bunch of books will only benefit me if I reflect on how they influence me and what I can learn from them.  My first planned book to post about will be Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House.” Jackson has been one of my favorite writers for years and when I saw that Netflix made a TV series based off of her book, I thought it would be the perfect time to finally read this wonderful little horror story, as it’s one of her pieces I hadn’t read previously.

Finally, I just want to touch on the idea that I don’t plan to do book reviews per se. I’m also looking to work in the future on posting about other topics including philosophy, types of journaling, and even my thoughts and experiences on things like mental health, consumerism versus other ways of living and interacting with items, and environmentalism. For me it’s all connected and I’m excited to share my thoughts as well as hopefully hear some interesting perspectives from others as well!

Ta-ta for now!