Welcome! Maerite is the brain-child of me, Maerite! The brain-parent of this humble little blog I thought it only appropriate to name it after me!

This little blog is focused on bringing to light opinions on a variety of topics that come up in life. Currently, Maerite is working on improving their life by re-sparking excitement for reading! As a young-adult caught up in the stress of navigating the world, reading fell to the bottom of the priority list for Maerite. In recent years it’s been an important goal to work on adding reading back into daily life as a form of relaxation, learning, and fun!

No longer a young student required to process what I read beyond a cursory afterthought, I have missed the time spent focused on reflecting on the themes and ideas brought up in books I read. By keeping track of my progress here, I can give myself that dedicated time back to form my thoughts and share ideas and opinions on what I’m reading and I hope, inspire others to explore their literary interests as well!

A major theme I’ve been exploring recently revolves around lifestyle changes and forming stronger identities and beliefs for myself. For me, the biggest focus of my reading has been philosophy and big questions surrounding topics including purpose, mindfulness, rationality, relationships, and even death within our and other societal limits.

Harboring a passion for literacy and learning, Maerite’s mission is to engage people to become thoughtful readers and consumers of information! Maerite’s friends like to say their opinions are too witty not to share with a wider audience. Perhaps my thoughts and musings will entertain you enough enough to impress upon you my love of reading!

Ta-ta for now,